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What To Know About Us

We are a family of young adults, representing a revived generation. We are a part of the young adult and youth ministry of the mountain of fire and miracles ministry, United Kingdom.

The church was born out of the need to raise purpose driven and visionary young individuals, who will in turn raise a purpose-driven generation according to Biblical/Spiritual Standards.

Our vision is to raise an army of word-nourished and spiritual champions who will positively impact their generation.

We are in the London Borough of Bexley, Erith South-East London on the border of Kent, England.

Our Mentor

▪ Dr Daniel Olukoya and Dr (Mrs) Shade Olukoya
have been an excellent mentor and a great
inspiration for us and millions of youths worldwide.

▪ They have inspired and shown us the value of
prayers, the raw power of God, brokenness and
living a Godly life.

▪ We love you our Dearest Daddy & Mummy,
Mentor, Teacher, Trainer, Prophet and A Great
Apostle of Faith.

About this Retreat

In the scripture, Genesis 47, the word Goshen signifies a land of comfort and plenty.

The scriptural significance of Goshen has motivated the organization of this retreat. Without a doubt, Life most times gives challenges that sometimes become unbearable. However, we look to seek comfort and plenty in the presence of God. God alone can guide. He alone can walk together with us on the journey of our lives.

Our vision for this retreat is that each person in attendance gains awareness of the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in their life. The retreat aims to establish the need for regular and rewarding worship with God.

We will emphasize anointing with the Holy Spirit as given by our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of God to propel a life of great exploits
Matthew 3:11 and Acts 1:8

We would love to connect with you

For all existing registrations or general enquiries, please contact us below:.